1. As the person who nominated Blue 2, I was disappointed to hear that he had been disqualified from the process. And I found out about the disqualification after the process had closed. Blue 2 has been very classy throughout the process, but I know that he was disappointed, too. He feels like he’s been put in the dog house.
    Chuck Gose´s last blog post ..The Subjective Timeline of the Best Gifts Ever infographic – Still ticked I never got Optimus Prime

    • glinda

      Chuck, I can certainly understand what both you and Blue are feeling. I wrote the blog entry because I thought that it was unfair on general principle to disqualify him. Blue does a great job and deserves to be recognized for it!

  2. Kelly

    Man. That’s a shame. Blue 2 is the coolest, most gracious dog, and he could definitely teach a few people some things about having a sense of humor and not taking themselves too seriously.

    Butlerblue for most influential social media dude next year!

    • glinda

      Kelly, I so agree! My point was that he certainly had the right to be on the ballot! Hopefully, the “rules” will be clarified ahead of time next year!

  3. Glinda – great blog post! Like you, I can’t believe @butlerblue2 was disqualified from the running. But I suppose he’ll just have more time for digging, random sniffing and jaunts to his local dog park without the extra responsibility the role would have required. I’m sure other great opps are in his future!

    Sign me a “social” dog,
    Ransome – @theblacklab
    Ransome TheDog´s last blog post ..theblacklab- Tired of that pesky overbite Braces for dogs hit the canine dentistry scene Say cheese! http-fbme-C3l8greC

    • glinda

      Thanks, Ransome! I know that digging, sniffing and trips to the dog park are fun, but I think people need to recognize that dogs like you and Blue work very hard at blogging and social media, too! I just think that the effort needs to be acknowledged. The fact that the Old Spice Guy gave you a shout-out was a fantastic affirmation of the work you do.

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