1. knittingknots

    56 of’em. Someone’s edited this list since the last time I saw it running around LJ…I don’t the The Lovely Bones was even out yet…I really don’t think these are the top 100 books (who’s criteria would be being followed with that list? And not one piece of Faulkner, even.) I will confess I have tried upon occasion to read Jane Austin, and never could get through any of her novels. Nor To Kill a Mockingbird. But I read War and Peace!

    • glinda

      LOL, Sue! I do agree that this list is a little schizophrenic. Memes are like games of telephone: they change as they get repeated.

      I do think that memes have an interesting way of reflecting popular culture, though. And, we’re talking about books! That’s always interesting!

    • glinda

      Wow, Steve! Seventy-one? Most impressive! I can see we are going to have to think about a book club for Northwest Indiana, LOL!

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