My name is Glinda Harrison.  I have so many interests, it is hard to narrow this down to just a few things.

I live in Northwest Indiana, right outside of Chicago.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts and was valedictorian of my graduating class.  My academic interests are literature, English,  medieval and religious studies.

I am the Number One Fan of Punk Pioneer Skafish! You can read the Skafish Blog here.

I love animals, especially dogs and cats.

I LOVE to read, especially on my Kindle.  I was an early adopter and still have my Kindle 1, which still works.

I LOVE TV shows and Movies and collect DVDs.

I LOVE to cook. I like to collect cookbooks, including ones for the Kindle.

I like to follow politics, both local and national. I find corporate and political stupidity to be particularly entertaining.

Disclaimer: To help support the blog, I do use Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing Program. You won’t find any of those annoying pop overs, though. Yuck, hate those things!

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