Netflix nixes Qwikster


Netflix has evidently gotten the message that customers don’t want two websites, two accounts, two whatevers! The company has decided to leave the DVD and streaming services combined.

Netflix’s recent price hike and separation of streaming and DVD delivery services cost the company over a million subscribers and cause stock price to fall. The […]

Criminal Minds Part 2: Time to Boycott CBS


// (See my previous blog entry for the background on the Criminal Minds story) // ]]>

(See my previous blog entry for the background on the Criminal Minds story)

In case you missed the news, CBS and Criminal Minds’ producers have decided that A.J. Cook is indeed staying fired. She gets two episodes to […]

Help Save the Ladies of Criminal Minds


One of my favorite shows on television is CBS’ Criminal Minds. It is an outstanding drama with an outstanding cast that is going into its sixth year on the air.

This week, it was announced that Criminal Minds’ A.J. Cook was dropped from the show. The number of episodes that castmate Paget Brewster is […]

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I love reading other people’s blogs and websites. Not too long ago, I read this really interesting blog entry on the Dalai Lama. I thought it was clever, funny and very well written. I wanted to leave a comment on the blog that said that. But unfortunately, you had to be a registered member […]

Alice Unchained: An argument for a stronger public domain


There is a great article on by Mike Masnick which talks about how the remakes of Alice in Wonderland illustrate the good that can come out of material being in the public domain. He very clearly makes the point that endeavors based on public domain material can succeed financially, and, that in fact, […]