The Internet Cookbook: Penne Bake with Spinach and Tomatoes

I haven’t been cooking anything new recently because I have been so busy. But I happened to find a dish that sounded so good, I had to give it an immediate try. Everybody in our house loves penne pasta, so this recipe from Bev Cooks fit the bill perfectly.

I didn’t have any Pomi tomatoes […]

The Internet Cookbook: Quinoa, anyone?

One of my Twitter friends had posted a lovely picture of a quinoa dish she’d made for dinner, so, in return, I promised I would post one of my favorite quinoa recipes. Okay, actually, I am going to post two of my most-used quinoa recipes- one for a tasty soup and the other for one […]

The Internet Cookbook: Ham and Asparagus Risotto

Risotto is a family favorite in our house. This creamy Italian dish made of arborio rice cooked in broth is generally considered intimidating because it must be cooked slowly with constant stirring. The solution? The microwave oven. This recipe for risotto with ham and asparagus takes only about 30 minutes to prepare and because it […]

The Internet Cookbook: Easy Peasy Cherry Crumble Cake

Caveman Cooking is one of my favorite cooking blogs. My friend Mark is not only a great cook, but his blog is a very entertaining read. I have been planning for a while to highlight one of his recipes, but couldn’t decide which one to feature – he has so many good ones! This recipe […]

The Internet Cookbook: Baked Eggs with Spinach and Brioche

I am trying to add more meatless recipes to our diet and this recipe is a wonderful addition. The dish is simple to make but has a gourmet flair and tastes absolutely incredible! It is perfect for brunch, but also great for a late night supper. I substituted bagels for the brioche and sour cream […]

The Internet Cookbook: Spinach and Tomato Orzo

This spinach and tomato orzo dish from Angie of the Southern Grace Gourmet blog has turned into one of the staple dishes that I make at least once or twice a month. It has a rich creamy taste that is absolutely scrumptious! I add cooked shrimp and Parmesan cheese to transform it from a side […]

The Internet Cookbook: Chris’ Bay Area Burgers

I love a good burger and frequently add various seasonings when cooking them that give a unique and individual taste. This recipe makes one of the best burgers I have ever eaten. The addition of olive oil, garlic and basil gives these burgers a lot of flavor. I added onions to the mix and served […]

The Internet Cookbook: Black Bean, Chicken and Roasted Corn Stew

When I found this recipe, I wasn’t sure that I was going to like it. So, I was totally blown away when I tasted it and found out just how good this stew really is. And so easy! There are a lot of “adaptations” of this recipe out there on the web, so a lot […]

The Internet Cookbook: Sweet English Breakfast Porridge

Probably more than any other food, hot breakfast favorites really seem to trigger memories. Whether it is simple childhood favorites or newer dishes that speak to a more “adult” sophisticated palate, we tend to equate breakfast foods with comfort. This oatmeal recipe from is so good, breakfast is definitely a memorable experience!

I prefer […]

The Internet Cookbook: Rice Pudding

I love recipes that you can easily make in the crockpot. While I frequently use the crockpot to make dinner, I often forget how versatile it is for cooking deserts. This recipe for crockpot rice pudding is not only simple and easy to make, but tastes fantastic! For a special treat, try it served warm […]