Is A.J. Cook going to return to Criminal Minds?

There is news, news, news about CBS television series Criminal Minds.  According to TV,  A.J. Cook is in talks to return! And Paget Brewster may return as well? And Ed Bernero is leaving? Hm. This sounds interesting.

After an joining an unsuccessful campaign to Save the Ladies of Criminal Minds (see the entry about the that campaign),   I have been boycotting all CBS shows since last July, including Criminal Minds.  It would be nice to be able to stop boycotting and start watching again. I would like to see the second half of the two-parter with Tim Curry.

Plus, I  really, really, really miss NCIS.

Stay tuned to see what happens!

New updates coming soon!

Sorry everyone for the lack of updates! I have had an eye infection caused by my auto-immune disease that has made posting difficult. I hope to resume updates over the next week. Thanks for your patience!

The Truth about Zombie Awareness Week

I received some very interested responses to the idea of an Australian Zombie Awareness Week from my last blog entry. However, much to my chagrin, in investigating further, I have discovered that this event is not exactly what I thought it was.

Rather than a week of furthering awareness of the living dead, the Australian Zombie Awareness Week  was promoting awareness of malware and virus infected computers spewing forth not blood and pus, but spam.  That’s right kids.  Garden variety spam.

This is so disappointing!

I mean, imagine thinking you were getting scary rotting walking corpses and instead getting…  spam. So utterly gross!

 It is also disturbing.

“Zombie” was one of those words that was pretty clear cut: It is either a reanimated corpse or a human being controlled by a supernatural force. Unlike words like “input,” which semantically can have one meaning in economics and a different meaning in the tech field, when someone said zombie, everyone was on pretty much the same page. Okay, so you might question whether it was Romero style slow zombies or 28 Days Later fast ones. But you were still talking walking dead, right?

So now, you have to clarify that you are not talking about hijacked computers?

Sheesh. That’s enough to take all the fun out of being undead.

Police shot and killed another dog…

There’s a really good reason I don’t watch the local news. Tonight, one of the Chicago TV news stations led off with a story  about an off-duty police officer shooting some one’s dog.   As a animal lover and pet owner, I find these stories absolutely terrifying.  As someone who lost a beloved dog over this last year to cancer, I find a story like this especially heartbreaking. It is hard enough to lose a pet, let alone lose one to this kind of  sudden violence.

Unfortunately, this is a story that I am hearing all too frequently.  To see  just how prevalent this, try looking on the Internet.  A search on Google for “police shooting dogs” yields approximately 517,000 results.   Many of these dogs are shot and killed right in front of their owners.  In fact, not too long ago, police officers shot an owners’ dog right in front of them  in the city where I live.  The police officer in that case was cleared, as is usually the case  in most of these dog shootings.   It seems that “preventing injury” and an officer feeling  “in danger” are the excuses for both killing the animals and ruling the shootings  “justifiable.” 

In tonight’s incident, the officer evidently claims that she had no choice as the dog attacked while she was walking her dog and she felt “in danger.”  Unbelievably, after killing the dog, the officer then ticketed the owner for not having a dog license! The Chicago Police are supposedly investigating, so it will be interesting to see the outcome.  Unfortunately, I can already guess what that outcome will be.

If this happened to your dog, how would you feel?

Blog Frustration – Again!

For some reason, the links do not show up very well in this theme unless they are in HTML format. So, I may be off in search of another theme to use. In the meantime, I will try to make sure the links are obvious. 🙂