My Green Kindle

Anyone who knows me has heard (repeatedly) how much I love my Kindle.  A recent article on discusses the results of a new study by the Cleantech Group that indicates the Kindle’s carbon footprint might really be greener after all.  While Treehugger is not totally convinced, Cleantech calls the results “significant.”  

I think that it is important to note that the Kindle will not be replacing paper books anytime soon; there are too many books not yet available in an ebook format.  And the Kindle appearing to be a greener alternative is certainly not sufficient justification in itself to buying one.  I just know that the 1500+ books I have on my Kindle now would take up a lot more space in my environment if they were paper than they do now.

One thought on “My Green Kindle”

  1. I thought it was high time I came and hassled you.

    I have just one comment: 1500 books!!!! *thud* These are just for you? Glinda, that’s a book a day for five years! Do you read that much, or are you just a Kindle ho? 😉

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