Read an E-book Week

Kindle E-book Reader
Kindle E-book Reader

March 7th through March 13th, 2010 is Read an E-book Week.  You can find out more about the week-long event at  The site offers information on ways to read an e-book (very helpful if you don’t own a Kindle or other e-book reader) as well as news on many e-books that have deeply discounted in honor of the event.  There is also a Twitter account set up with news about e-book specials.

To help celebrate, this week I will be posting some entries regarding e-books and e-readers.  The theme of the posts will be to explain the attraction of e-reading for those who haven’t experienced it. 

As anyone who spends any time around me knows, I am a passionate advocate for e-readers.  I take my Kindle everywhere with me, and I find that most people who see me with it have never seen one before.  Hopefully, my posts will educate and explain a bit about why people buy e-readers, their advantages and disadvantages and the wide range of material available for the readers.

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