UndeadintheHead.com interviews zombie author David Moody

Okay zombie lovers, there is a great interview with David  Moody, author of the Autumn series of zombie books on UndeadintheHead.com.    The interview is full of interesting stuff, including tasty tidbits on the re-release of the Autumn series (unfortunately, it is currently out of print), The Autumnmovie as well as info on his book Hater, its sequel Dog Blood and more!

I have always thought that David Moody has never received enough credit for his contribution to the zombie genre.  Although I had been a fan of zombie movies since Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead, Autumn was one of the first zombie books that I read.  The book was instrumental in convincing me that zombies weren’t just a subject for film.  

Interviewer Lyle Perez does a great job with the article.  And while you’re reading the Moody piece, check out the book reviews and other interviews on UndeadintheHead.  It’s good stuff!

4 thoughts on “UndeadintheHead.com interviews zombie author David Moody”

  1. Thank you, Glinda, I really appreciate your kind words about Autumn.

    I cannot wait for the series to be re-released. It’s been out of print for too long! The movie is out on DVD in April (US) and May (UK), with the first book to be republished in September this year. The rest of the series will be released throughout 2011.

    Thanks again! Glad you enjoyed the interview.

  2. David, thank you so much for stopping by! I so agree that the Autumn series has been out of print much too long. I have already pre-ordered the movie and am truly looking forward to seeing it. I do hope the movie helps draw attention to the books for a new audience, especially with the current increased interest in zombies. You so deserve it!

  3. Sweet! Gotta check the “Autumn” Series out, ’cause they look fantastic. Ditto on the “Haters” book

    Not only do you know the most incredible zombie books, but then the authors find you which is even cooler.

    My birthday comes around in Otober, so I know what to ask for then……

    BTW, Great interview all around. Got perspetive on all of it. That’s a site that’s going in my bookmarks to be looked at daily.

    1. Thanks, Kelly, for the kind words. I think I do want to do a post of a list of both zombie books and films. I have already pre-ordered Autumn and plan to do a review when I watch it, so stay tuned!

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