A Zombie Primer

Tomorrow on this blog we are going to look in earnest at teaching aids for combating a zombie apocalypse.  But in the meantime, I thought that some might benefit from additional information that gives perspective and background for what you will need to learn to survive.

If you are unfamiliar with zombies, you might think that the idea of a zombie outbreak is pretty far-fetched. Au contraire, mon ami, the basic course of an outbreak has actually been clearly laid out.  To understand the generally expected scenario, read How Everything Goes to Hell in a Zombie Apocalypse.  This graphic depiction  shows the usual course of events in a zombie infestation. Remember, this is a typical outbreak; your area’s specific outbreak may vary considerably.

However, there is one important fact that holds true in all zombie infestations: If you are bitten, you will die and reanimate as a zombie! Your primary concern in a zombie apocalypse is to avoid being bitten!

Those unfamiliar with the magnitude of zombie lore that exists are usually surprised to see just how exactly how far science has come in studying this phenomenon. Advanced statistical studies have been done on survival rates, and scientists can even accurately calculate the length of time someone will survive after being bitten.

And a final warning:  There is no such thing as a safe zombie, as the following video shows:

Up tomorrow, Zombies in film….

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  1. Ha! I almost put them on my want list for my birthday. After watching the video, thank goodness I didn’t. I fear they might have eaten the dog!

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