Crock Pot Chicken Cordon Bleu

I found this recipe in one of those public domain cookbooks you can find for the Kindle (Since I’ve forgotten, just don’t ask me which one, LOL!).  It is easy to make in the crock pot and it tastes absolutely scrumptious! I freeze the leftovers for another meal.


4-6 chicken breasts (pounded thin)

4-6 pieces of ham (Lean, thin ham slices work best.)

4-6 slices Swiss or mozzarella cheese

1 can cream of mushroom soup

¼ cup milk


Place ham and cheese on chicken.  Roll up and secure with toothpicks. 

Place chicken in the crock pot so it looks like a triangle: /__\. Layer the rest on top. 

Mix soup and milk.  Pour over chicken. 

Cook on low for approximately 4 hours.  Serve over noodles or rice.

Philly Meatball Sandwiches

One of my favorite quick versions of a classic sandwich.

Difficulty level: Easy
Total Time: Less than 30 minutes

1 pkg cooked meatballs
1 tablespoon oil
1 onion, chopped
1 green pepper, sliced into strips
4 French or Hoagie Rolls
4 oz. shredded mozzerella cheese*

In a large skillet, saute onion and green pepper in oil. Meanwhile, heat meatballs in microwave until hot.  When vegetables are almost tender, add meatballs to skillet.  Spread cheese over mixture and cover.  Heat for 2 minutes, then let stand until cheese melts. Serve on Rolls.

*You can substitute cheese whiz for a more authentic Philly if desired.