Recycling Pizza Boxes?

I have to admit that my life is nowhere near as green as it should be.  But I am always on the lookout for tips to live a greener life.  Unfortunately, people my age weren’t taught these things as children.  Thank goodness we are doing better with our children.

What can go in with the recycling and what can’t be recycled is something that I am always trying to learn more about.  In our neighborhood, I see a lot of people who are definitely doing it wrong.  This article on the recycling of pizza boxes was fascinating and very helpful.  Check out the rest of Doreen’s blog while you’re there – it is certainly an interesting resource!

My Green Kindle

Anyone who knows me has heard (repeatedly) how much I love my Kindle.  A recent article on discusses the results of a new study by the Cleantech Group that indicates the Kindle’s carbon footprint might really be greener after all.  While Treehugger is not totally convinced, Cleantech calls the results “significant.”  

I think that it is important to note that the Kindle will not be replacing paper books anytime soon; there are too many books not yet available in an ebook format.  And the Kindle appearing to be a greener alternative is certainly not sufficient justification in itself to buying one.  I just know that the 1500+ books I have on my Kindle now would take up a lot more space in my environment if they were paper than they do now.