New Year, Lots of Busy, Lots of Books

quill-Yes, I am still alive. I tweet, therefore, I am.

I still have all of last year’s books to talk about: I am that behind!

Part of the problem I have had is the work stuff (music and holiday promotions) and the Ebook Evangelist Blog writing come first. That doesn’t leave a lot of time.

Secondly, late last summer, I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited and found myself juggling my own lengthy TBR list of books I own, my Scribd subscription and my KU subscription. That is a lot of books to read!

What has been interesting is that I find that I really do need both subscriptions. I love reading indie authors. I also love reading series, particularly sci fi and mystery. Certain ones, like the Phryne Fisher mysteries, have the whole series available, either on Amazon to buy or on Scribd to borrow. The frustrating thing is finding only part of a series available on one site – or in one format or at a reasonable price. So most series I have to sort of cobble together, buying some and borrowing others to read.

I am still boycotting fiction priced at more than $9.99 for an ebook, so sometimes I feel that price is driving the reading as much as a particular title or interest. But  I am not paying top dollar for old books. On my wishlist, waiting for the price to come down, is James A. Michener’s The Source. Random House wants $12.99 for a book that’s 50 years old. Not going to happen.

Anyway, I will try to get back to blogging about books soon. I have a lot of them to tell you about!

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